Innovative Learning solutions

We provide cutting edge maritime learning solutions to increase employees’ motivation and company performance. We believe in automatic real time feedback to effectively change behavior and improve bottom line. Some techniques have the potential to revolutionize the nature of relationships at work, by improving the quality of Management of much larger team.

Learning organisation

The majority of your employees are under 40 years old and learns differently. They understand system thinking and need training environment that are not static, where one can repeatedly try several things several times to get an understanding of the system as a whole. Serious games has revolutionized the learning experience by providing safe, simplified but meaningful environments in which learners actually apply information to develop knowledge and skills.

Oceo trade is working on a business simulation to model trade management and educate shipping professionals on container line basic economic model. With a common understanding on the economic model, a learning organization will be more focused, aligned and reactive, and will generate much needed cost and revenues improvement initiatives.

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Trade manager liner business simulation
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Real time performance

Even bigger benefits can be expected from the entreprise gamification of business applications, processes, and systems. With online metrics, feedback is immediate and more objective than human assessment. Real time feedback also effectively changes employees’ behavior. Gamification can assist companies to solve the one motivation challenge: the transparency of performance management. Benefits are major, and not only for employees’ motivation and performance. Companies can rationalize middle management as the available performance data will improve the quality of the management of much larger teams, even decentralised and across functions.